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"I discovered Lindsay when I was looking to brush-up on my interview skills while pursuing a management position within my organization. Lindsay was able to provide me with the guidance I needed to successfully navigate both the interview process as well as compensation negotiations. With her help, I was able to secure both the position and compensation that I wanted while impressing my managers enough that I still get compliments on how impressive my interview was.


I look forward to working with Lindsay in the future as I continue my career and will confidently recommend her services to my friends and family."

Korey Wechter, Quality Manager at Harvey Performance Company, April 2023

"Lindsay is the go to person for help before, throughout and at the end of an interview process. She has helped me tremendously in all of those areas and I’ve learned so much with her expertise.
I HIGHLY recommend utilizing her services when exploring your next career move, you’ll be glad you did!"


 Mark Taveras, Regional Sales Manager at Zscaler, April 2022

"I believe that folks should keep their resume relatively up to date.  For me personally that means updating it at least once a year as things change in my day-to-day work life.  I wanted to have a professional look at my resume and tell me what needed to be adjusted to bring it into the current standards as I needed to provide it for an internal discussion.  I happened to have learned that Lindsay had started Get the Gig Now ( and knowing her to not be someone to start something she’s not going to excel at reached out to her.  I gave her my then-current resume and asked her to update it.  She did the analysis, asked a bunch of questions and went to work.  The resulting document is a much cleaner, sharper representation of my recent career without losing sight of the things I’ve done over the past 3 decades."  

"If you’re looking for a pro to work with that is nothing but positive energy, then you’ve found that person in Lindsay!"

Alan Bird, Global Business Leader at W3C, November 2022

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Ricky Ames

4 reviews

February 2024

I was very impressed with Lindsay’s professionalism and expedients! She is incredibly easy to work with, and leaves no stones unturned.
I was struggling to write my own resume; I didn’t know which format to use, …More


Sean Petone

2 reviews

Lindsay is a great resource. Her work is first class and very professional. Lindsay did an outstanding job with my resume. She also helped me with my Linked In page and gave valuable career advice. I highly recommend Lindsay and her company.

Kyleen Schultz

Local Guide·11 reviews·15 photos

Lindsay was extremely thorough and efficient with my request for a resume. She responded quickly and the final product was just what I had hoped for and more. I would definitely recommend Lindsey for your resume writing needs. She knows what she's doing!!!

Brandon Watson

Local Guide·13 reviews

Lindsay helped me update my resume! She got it done before the agreed upon time frame. She is friendly and easy to work with! Would highly recommend her services to anyone!

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