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Get the Gig Now

Resume & Interview Experts

At Get the Gig Now, our mission is to help our clients achieve their personal career goals.  Our experts specialize in resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, interview preparation, negotiating salary, commissions, stock options, benefits, college mentorships, strategies to climb the corporate ladder and changing career paths completely. 

 Making career goals a reality.

The working world has drastically changed since 2020.  Employers are constantly looking to fill positions with top talent and employees should have no problem finding the job of their dreams.  Yes, now is the time to make that career change you have always been dreaming of.

Hiring managers are of an entirely different generation of expectations than today's young adults.  So many things are being held virtually that would have never happened before Covid.  Who would have imagined landing a job without ever shaking someone's hand?  But this is the new normal so we need to adapt and put our best foot forward to make a lasting impression on managers.

Some things will never change however, and are still unknown by so many.  You may wonder why you're getting interviews and then no call back, or maybe you're not even able to get the interview.  Your resume needs to be an advertisement for you as well as ATS certified now.  Most organizations will use an automated tracking system (ATS) to filter only the top 5 or so resumes to review.  At this point they will glance at them for a total of 6 seconds each.  Once you get the call for an interview you need to know what will set you apart. 

Different industries do not translate into different interviewing skills.  The person behind the screen or desk is always going to hire the most qualified, likable and reliable candidate.  It's up to you to know how to convey this persona.  Your work history does not play into your candidacy as much as you may think.

At Get the Gig Now, we help our clients get their resume to the top of a hiring manager's pile, and prepare them to shine during interviews.  We make all resumes ATS compliant and showcase skills and experience in the most impactful ways.  As for interviewing, we review everything from your dress code, what NOT to do or say, good answers to common interview questions and the question that YOU need to ask to get hired!  Get the Gig Now also does Mock interviewing and coaches through the follow-up and negotiating of offer letters. 

If you are needing help landing your next job, career change or navigating a promotion with your same company or onto the next, we can help!

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